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Cooperation between QSTP and Skolkovo will significantly improve the technology and environment initiatives for both Russia and Qatar and strengthen trade and economic relations between the two countries.
The new initiative is part of QSTP’s ongoing efforts to play a key role in the global technology sector.
The partnership will see QSTP and Skolkovo work together to facilitate their first market entry into each other’s markets through bilateral trade, cultural and educational events.
QSTP-based Startups will be able to join the Skolkovo soft-landing program which provides an in-depth understanding of the Russian market specialty, preparing for the start of foreign entry into the Russian market and obtaining full details on successful conditions and processes including Skolkovo Innovation Center.
Organizations will also look to create a dedicated technology acceleration program to provide current start-ups based on group markets.
In partnership with Skolkovo, QSTP – Qatar’s prime minister’s center for technology development, innovation, and business – will also introduce exciting new programs to local and international technology firms and will increase employment in the health and biomedicine industry, energy, resource development, telecommunications, telecommunications and telecommunications. cyber security and digital technology.
“As a QSTP, the Skolkovo Foundation is committed to assisting the leading projects in the science and research industry in the development of new technological products, services and businesses in the core of its operations,” noted QSTP executive director Yosouf al-Salehi.
“Together, we have an important task – to promote the exchange of ideas and to be able to promote an environment in which thinking and creativity can develop. Global business partnerships are critical to the success and prosperity of industry-based industries and businesses. Our collaborative efforts will have a positive impact on technology development, innovation, and entrepreneurship in both Qatar and Russia, while benefiting consumers and consumers of fruit-based products and services. ”
Founded in 2010, the Skolkovo Foundatio

n is the main company responsible for the Skolkovo Innovation Center, a major scientific and technological center for the development and trade of advanced technology.
Arkady Dvorkovich, chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation, said, “Since its inception, the Skolkovo Foundation has begun to help entrepreneurs and young researchers identify business potential in their projects, among other things, by helping them develop their projects and enter global markets. This has been achieved by building a comprehensive network of international partners.
“The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with QSTP today supports this strategy. In addition, it is part of our vision for the development of international technology networks that we see as vibrant and important today, more than ever, to achieve sustainability and stability.
“I am confident that signing the memorandum will be an important time to change the nature and quality of the joint venture projects we will undertake with QSTP for the benefit of beginners in our natural areas,” added Dvorkovich.
“The theme of this year’s conference – education and science – is underpinned by Russia’s declaration of 2021 as their ‘Year of Science and Technology’, as well as a strong effort to strengthen economic, investment and trade relations between our countries, providing a valuable milestone in our promising partnership with the Skolkovo Foundation,” he added. al-Salehi.
The QSTP team at SPIEF ’21 is part of Qatar’s overall participation as a ‘tourist destination’ – one of the largest business teams for the international forum of this scale and scale.
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